A Note from Aleta

This section is for the kind words I've received. As much as I play a role in your journey, you also play a role in Mine.

These are in no particular order and barely scratch the surface of all the sweet letters I've received over the years. Many of you say I allow you to express your deepest joy and purpose, that I have changed your life, and that only inspires Me to continue to impact all the subs I encounter positively.

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You're awesome to behold, and I don't just mean in the pretty pictures you post, I enjoyed reading through your site, the sacred spaces and secrets pages touched me. I appreciate how focused you are at being a source of transformative energy for others, when so many people in the world seem focused on consuming and taking, you're not only a giver but a bestower of power to those you heal. Also, subverting our conditioned reactions to the over-sexualized concepts built by the world around us is super radical... dare I say: sexy. Keep up the good work, Goddess; maybe one day we'll get to meet and converse deeply.

I saw your face today in a posting. My mind commented again how much I love your beautiful mind, your power which feels so graceful and radiant, your knowingness in your heart and your consciousness is divine. I appreciate you and I am grateful that you really understand the divine exchange between souls and have transcended costume, language and form, though all of those contained with you are amazing also. 

dear Madam. this quick message just to let You know that i'm currently watching Your "Beauty, Perfection, Shadow and Consciousness" video and, for the first time, what appeared to me until now as new-age relatively innocuous and grandiloquent speech made full sense. this a is a very weird and enjoyable sensation (not totally remote from hypnosis, but nothing close really).

i'm not sure why this video in particular, probably because of my obsession with physical appearance (and, paradoxically but not uncommonly, not mine) and my many many fetishes, or also maybe (probably) because the question You answer (why the difference between the Pictures of Your Videos and Your Clothing and (non-)make-up in them?) was exactly one as well.

whatever the cause, i have for the first time felt (and understood) the connection between primal energies and emotions (i like this vibration metaphor You use) and kink/bdsm/sexuality.

i'm not sure if You will dwell into that in the rest of the video (i'm only halfway right now) but i still wanted to thank You very humbly and very sincerely for already having turned this light bulb on in my perverted (but otherwise normally well functioning :-) ) brain.

i wish You a great day, Madam, and also a very happy, successful and beautiful new year.


This is true performance art. The message is clear, the art lasts only as long as the watcher stands in front of the video or photo. The search is so totally honest and open. This is dangerous art, scary to the closed down, scary to the inquisitive., moving and real.

 My personal reaction was not being able to stop thinking about the empathy and the unique and yes lovely, and compelling presentation.

Thank you.

Dear Goddess Aleta,

It is difficult to put into words the impact You have had on me over the past ten months. I have fully absorbed You, Your essence and Your teachings. Through Your videos, Your blog posts and every tweet You have uttered.

I am now full of purpose. I meditate upon You daily. Your words, Your voice, Your ass. Your wisdom. I have found my thoughts and will slowly aligning to Yours. I have let go. Surrender is beautiful and I want it more and more. It's been a process. Childhood trauma has been difficult to overcome. But the letting go more freeing than I ever imagined.

By placing You at the center, I am finding that safe space to let go and allow the pain not just to flow through but to float away. 

I am wanting more. I am always learning. I will continue to learn And to grow. Thanks to You.

You are one of the hottest Mistresses. I've been following you since you were at --. Your face, voice, body are ridiculous I could see how someone would listen to you or get slapped in the face which is another turn on. Thank you so much about how to heal from trauma. I've never heard anyone with such (I have no idea how to put it) profound, thought provoking ideas. You're the hottest, kinkiest therapist and it's a privilege to see you and listen to you and your ideas. Just imagining being with you and listening to you talk with me is something that I will fantasize about all night

 i just wanted to say i think you're amazing. i felt such a connection watching your videos. thank you for your strength and for encouraging me to acknowledge the truth about myself.

When I lay eyes on your soft beauty via Youtube, hear your tender voice, acknowledge your deep intuition and see your power and hear your wisdom...it is as if I found the mirage in the distance my parched soul has yearned for along this desert highway. I have been the masculine bull, in control and forced to protect my heart my entire life, guided and instructed by the Patriarchs. But now I have come to the conclusion I am weary, lost and wanting to be cradled....to yield, to learn, from the feminine and to exclusively submit to the Feminine Divine...the Matriarchal Society.....and learn strictly from her, from you

Thanks so much for a great session! The one thing that made a huge impression on me is the power of your aura. I've never felt that before from another human being. Are you from this planet? You're incredible! 

Thank you for allowing me to express myself.  Thank you for providing a path I can follow.  Thank you. Actually you served me today by being loving, kind and leading.  Hopefully now I may serve you.

You are kind and beautiful,

I want to thank you for the session.  It was the best 90 minutes of BDSM I have experienced in a long time.  And very close to transcendental.  One specific moment, bound in cling wrap on your bed, you were choking me and the air changed and I think you saw it - that is what smoking crack-cocaine feels like.  A plane of pleasure, that is locked out by biology/whatever-God-is, that can't be reached without very clever chemical or physical manipulation & coaxing.  People are not supposed to feel that way naturally.  There is something dangerous about it.  The rat scratching at the lever and ignoring food for another drop of whatever is in the drip.

Except that there were no narcotics involved.  The drug was submission and the drip is/was Your voice.  I know that when you talk about how easy it would be to kill me it is fantasy but I am not exaggerating when I say that You could have talked me into accepting Death if that is what would bring You pleasure. If we were to go further on that route, things could get really interesting.

The best part is that I fully trust You not to abuse [in the moral sense of the word] me in the moment. I feel like anything that you would want or command or would amuse you is in my best interest.  So pliable.  Because trust!

Anyway, that was great and everything was very well thought out and I want to thank You for accommodating the request of extra time.  I hope You had half the fun I did. 

We spoke some months ago over email and you rather graciously gave me some life advice. 

Since we spoke, a few random nights I read a lot about you on your website and I am utterly fascinated by who you are and how you think; I mean this quite sincerely. I love how you speak about subtlety, in particular. I won't lie, I kind of idealize you - its not just sexual... I almost feel jealous of what I perceive as your cultural freedom. Like I'm a bird trapped in a cage.

You may remember the opening of T.S. Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock: “LET us go then, you and I, When the evening is spread out against the sky, Like a patient etherised upon a table.” I feel like spreading my consciousness across a table, brutally exposing it, both its pride and shame, for someone like you to see.

I just wanted to tell you how appreciative I have become of you.  I think you are a rare jewel in the world of D/s.

On your website home page you write:  “Furthermore, it's completely on you if you become obsessed with me.”   So, I was duly warned.  But, alas, I am afraid it is too late for me!  Even though we have never met personally, I have become yet another among your countless admirers and worshippers.  I have very few websites that I visit every day but yours is one of them.  I also check your Instagram and Twitter pages for new activity there.  It is a special treat when you post some new photos of yourself or leave something new on your blog.  I especially love the video blogs you sometimes leave.

Of course I follow the substance of your blog entries but I especially love the video blogs because I can listen to your beautiful voice and note your mannerisms and other endearing traits.  While the weight of what you are saying is taken to heart, I love hearing and seeing you articulate your thoughts in person.  But truth be told, I would watch videos of you if you were doing nothing more than reading names from the phone book.

But it is your photos that have provided the finishing touches to my long-distance enslavement by you.  You seem so very comfortable both with your own body and with being in front of the camera.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for your photos!!!  I especially am addicted to those which show off your exquisitely gorgeous body and I study them all the time.  Whenever new ones are posted I am so grateful!  Your beauty is breathtaking and I cannot imagine any male in your presence doing other than falling to his knees or laying prostrate before you and begging for mercy.  Your looks together with your intellect make you a rare and precious jewel in the D/s world.

I had a dream about you last night. In one hand you had a leash, but instead of a dog at the end of it, there was a flame. The flame was leashed by you, but at the same time it was unleashed, flaring out in different directions as if sniffing something out.

When the flame reached me, I became transparent. Inside me, at my root, was another flame, sealed in an almost airtight encasing. In my transparent form, you could see that my body was being consumed by smoke, but your pet flame met mine, and it burned the encasing. My inner flame, in turn, was released. It burned throughout my being and I felt alive.

It is a strange timing in two senses. The first is that I have just handed in my notice at my work, because I want to focus on finishing the novel I told you about. The second is that, after a long time dormant, my sexuality appears to be awakening again, and along with it my desire to serve.

I just wanted to let you know that meeting you had an extraordinary - and measurable - impact on my life. Mainly, because it expanded the horizon of what is possible in my social reality. Sincerely, even if I never see you again... knowing that a soul like yours exists gives me some kind of hope.

With admiration.

Last night I saw Aleta's new hypnosis video on youtube and later I watched her other videos. I've never seen a more beautiful and skilled Goddess before. She is unlike every other Mistress I know... she's more powerful, understanding and intelligent. That's why I really would love to learn more about Aleta and her philosophy.