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My amazon wishlist

Tributes accepted through Gift Rocket

The act of giving is a profoundly positive experience that opens up our hearts for new opportunities. And if you'd prefer to gift, below are my preferences:

Shoes (Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang, Louboutin, Nicholas Kirkwood, Chanel)– eccentric but subdued

Lingerie (Agent ProvocateurLa Perla, Coco de Mer, Maison Close, Marlies Dekkers, Bordelle)– provocative but tasteful (my favorite stockings are from Agent)

Latex (Atsudo Kudo)

Harnesses (Zana Bayne)

Shoes: size 7.5 or 38 Bra: 32C Panties: XS

I also appreciate those who help me build my BDSM collection- gear, clothing, classes, workshops and those who help me build my tool box of certifications. I LOVE high quality crystals and books on sacred geometry, numerology, consciousness, crystals, homeopathy, chakras, meditation and the healing potential of the mind.

Of course you can't go wrong with flowers (Dahlias, Peonies) and gift cards (Amazon, Bikram Yoga, Soul Cycle, Sephora).

"It is crucial to understand that one can only improve the state of our chakras through loving contact with someone else whose chakras are at a higher vibration. By offering deep devotion and love to this being, we become able to adopt their higher vibrations for ourselves. And once we have stabilized these higher vibrations within ourselves, we will see them manifesting in our outside world," - Tara Springett from Enlightenment Through the Path of Kundalini